Civil and Workplace Mediation 


Sarah England and Sasha Chubb

at Gales offer Civil and Workplace mediation. 


Sarah is a highly experienced employment solicitor and holds Level 3 NOCN award in mediation. Sarah offers workplace mediation to help to avoid conflict within the workplace escalating which can impact team morale, reduce productivity and lead to increased sickness absence. 


Sasha is our civil and commercial Associate Mediator. Sasha is an approachable, pragmatic individual dedicated to assisting clients in reaching an amicable agreement. Sasha is accredited by the Civil Mediation council (CMC) and she participates in the CMC approved fixed fee scheme, designed to keep prices affordable. 


Why Mediaiton? 

In the UK, statistics show that 80% of mediations reach a full resolution. Not only is a resolution resolved between the parties, but the associated effects of the conflict are alleviated maintaing relationships. 

Mediation has many benefits including:

  1. A confidential and informal process 

  2. An opportunity to work through issues in a safe and respectful way 

  3. Quick and cost effective 

  4. Increase staff morale and productivity 

  5. More engaged workforce

  6. Maintaining relationships

If you would like to discuss mediation please contact us. 

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Civil Mediation or Workplace Mediation