Contract Disputes

Negotiating a contract should be the tricky part. Once the deal is done, it is just a matter of delivering the agreed goods or service and being paid.

Unfortunately a small number of contracts run into trouble. Unexpected problems crop up, things don’t work out as one or both parties had hoped or somebody simply doesn’t want to pay for goods or services that have been provided.

A contract dispute can mean the difference between success and failure. So it is essential when contracts do go wrong to obtain good, clear and professional advice at the earliest possible stage. Early advice can help avoid a protracted dispute and ensure that if you do end up in court your case is as strong as it can be.

Gales have extensive experience in dealing with contract disputes and we can assist both in trying to negotiate a satisfactory conclusion and where necessary, with representation at court.


We can advise you on:
  • Negotiations for settlement
  • Arbitration or mediation of settlements
  • Breach of Contact claims
  • Interpretation of contracts
We provide:
  • Fixed price quotations where appropriate
  • Email and telephone contact
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