Contentious Probate

Although everyone should make a will, many people still choose not to.

This can lead to serious problems for anyone trying to deal with the estate. Even when a will is made it is increasingly common for someone to challenge that will.

The complexity of modern families means that there are often children from more than one partner within a family. Yet the will can treat these two families very differently. For young children who still need support and for the older children who were hoping for their share of the estate, this can be an extremely difficult time.

Challenging a will is always difficult, but often it is the only fair way to settle any disputes surrounding an estate.

For the executors, dealing with the loss of a loved one is stressful enough. Having to handle a claim against the estate as well can only make things worse. However, the executor has a professional duty and can in certain circumstances be personally liable.

Taking professional advice in dealing with the minefield of potential claims is essential.



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