Child Residence and Contact

Disputes over children are some of the most emotional disputes imaginable. Money lost in a court case can be replaced, but time with a son or daughter cannot.

Most separating parents resolve issues around their children amicably. For the few who cannot achieve this, the conflict can be destructive both for the adults and the children.

Clear and impartial advice can help resolve these problems, whilst proper representation at court can ensure that these issues are properly addressed and long term solutions are reached.

If you are struggling to resolve arrangements around your children, Gales Solicitors can advise on your options and the likely approach a court may take.



We can advise you on:
  • Child Arrangements
  • Residence and Contact
  • Custody and Access
  • Parental Responsibility
  • Child Abduction
We provide:
  • £50 initial consultation
  • Email and telephone contact
  • Out of hours appointments
  • Fixed price divorce

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