Family Problems

The breakdown of a relationship is possibly the most stressful event you will ever experience.

Apart from the emotional difficulties that come with the end of a relationship, a number of other changes normally take place. You may find your work suffers, you have to move house and your finances may be dramatically different because of the breakdown. In the midst of all this you have to make some extremely important decisions, decisions that may have an impact for years to come.

It is vital to have clear, professional advice, tailored to your individual situation. No two cases are ever quite alike and it is essential that your lawyers are able to advise on the steps and solutions most suited to you.

Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with every area of family law and will always deliver a personal service. Gales Solicitors can provide a range of assistance; from the time of separation, right up until the conclusion of the matter including dealing with any property transfer.



We can advise you on:
  • Divorce
  • Separation (including co-habitee disputes)
  • Financial Problems
  • Residence and Contact with Children Disputes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements
  • Co-habitation Agreements
  • Civil Partnership Dissolution
  • Advice for Mediation
We provide:
  • £50 initial consultation
  • Email and telephone contact
  • Fixed price divorce


We are happy to discuss a tailored service specific to your budget and needs. Speak to one of our specialists and let us ensure you do not go into court unprepared, even if you cannot afford full representation.

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