Financial Remedies

The breakdown of a relationship often results in a huge change of lifestyle.

Incomes that once supported one household now have to support two. Plans that have existed for many years are thrown into turmoil. Retirement planning may have to start all over again. The dream house may have to be sold.

The stress of the situation makes dealing with the financial matters even worse and the temptation is to settle for a quick solution that may be regretted a few months later.

Questions which routinely have to be considered in the middle of a divorce include:

Should I move out of the house?

Am I entitled to maintenance?

Can I afford the mortgage?

The range of options open to the court are many and varied, with good advice being an essential ingredient from the start, to ensure that your long term position is protected.



We can advise you on:
  • Financial Remedy Claims
  • Property Transfers
  • Trusts of Land Claims for Cohabitees
  • Maintenance Claims
  • Pension Sharing Orders
  • Advice for Mediation
  • Enforcement
We provide:
  • £50 initial consultation
  • Email and telephone contact
  • Out of hours appointments
  • Fixed price divorce

We are happy to discuss a tailored service that is specific to your budget and needs. Even if you cannot afford full representation, you do not have to go into Court unprepared.

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