Abolishment of tribunal fees leads to significant increase in claims - Gales Solicitors urge caution and care to businesses

17th Oct 2018

Sarah England, Employment Lawyer at Gales Solicitors in Bournemouth advised, “Tribunal fees were abolished in July 2017 so this is a fairly reliable figure as April to June 2017 was the last full quarter when fees were in force. It is worth noting however, that there may still be a small number of retrospective claims being brought. The number of claims in this period has tripled and employers must not be complacent about the risks. If you have any concerns that your business might be vulnerable and need advice I would urge you to get in touch with our employment law team. We’d be very happy to help.”

Continuing Sarah said, “There have been 12,400 fee refund payments made since the fee refund scheme was introduced, totalling just over £10m. Disability discrimination cases had the largest average award (£30,700). Religious discrimination claims had the lowest average award (£5,100). The average award for unfair dismissal awards was £15,007.”

Anyone wishing to contact Sarah to discuss employment law and issues is asked to call Tel. 01202 512227  E: sarah@gales-solicitors.co.uk