Family Law - life after lockdown and online court hearings

21st May 2020

Matthew Moore, Senior Partner at Gales Solicitors has been reflecting on the experience of online court hearings during lockdown.

“Life under lockdown has changed how we live our daily lives. A lot of what used to be normal contact is now taking place online. The courts are no exception. Most hearings are currently taking place by telephone or video link. This has been an interesting experience as the court’s IT was not fully prepared for online working.

“However, it does have some definite advantages. Before lockdown I would have to travel to court and then wait for a hearing that was often an hour later than its’ official time. Telephone hearings take place on time and can be done without leaving the office.

“On one occasion early in May I was able to deal with a hearing in Bournemouth at 10 am, a hearing in Portsmouth at 10:30 and be at my desk working on other files by 11.

"I am hopeful that the court will handle more hearings by telephone even after lockdown is just a memory. Change like this is overdue and can only be good for the legal system.”