Gales Solicitors look at court appearances taking place during lockdown

28th Jan 2021

Senior Partner Matthew Moore said, “In 2020, in the spring and early summer, most court hearings were suspended.  It’s really positive that hearings are now taking place in the current climate and in a variety of different ways.

“There are challenges, obviously, in practical terms of court cases being heard across different platforms but generally it’s working and cases are being processed. Processes might be slower than normal and administration speed can vary in the different courts.

“’In person’ hearings have proved particularly challenging, due to restrictions and processes.  We had one particular hearing that was changed to a video hearing part way through due to a necessary covid isolation.

“Courts have their own Court Video Platform but some judges are doing hearings on Teams instead.

“Remote hearings are allowing me to attend a greater number of court cases, which is also quite unprecedented as these hearings have been across a number of towns and cities, without me once leaving the office! The advantage of remote hearings is that they tend to run very efficiently and on time, without the usual delays. There is no travelling time too which all means reduced hearing costs for our clients.

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