Treating a Woman Differently Because She Is Pregnant

26th May 2020

Discriminating against a woman because she is pregnant, or suffers a pregnancy related illness or seeks to take maternity leave/ time off for ante-natal appointments has been unlawful for over 40 years.

Despite this however, over 50% of women suffer discrimination in the workplace during the protected period.

The reasons are diverse and range from ignorance of the law to pregnant women being seen as a nuisance and a cost to the business.

No woman should suffer any detriment because of her pregnancy or something that arises from her pregnancy.

If you feel that you have been treated differently during your pregnancy please seek legal advice.

If an employee of yours informs you that she is pregnant, it is important to take advice to understand your duties and responsibilities.

The effect of discrimination can be significant, in some cases resulting in the health of an unborn baby being put at risk (Miles v Gilbank [2006] EWCA Civ 543).

Employers who discriminate against pregnant workers can expect to pay damages of up to £45,000. This figure can be exceeded in certain cases.

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