Pre-Nuptial Agreements - Be Prepared

17th Oct 2016

How many stories have you heard about someone who did very badly on the finances in a divorce or a separation? You might not have heard all the details but many of us know people who feel very hard done by in the family justice system. There is a way to minimise the chance of this happening to you.

One of the reasons is that few us of give much thought to what might go wrong. We trust the other person and hope it will go well and most of the time we are right to do so. However, like every family lawyer my office is filled with the stories of what happened when things did go wrong.

Sometimes there is a solution through proper planning. Pre-Nuptial agreements used to be for the very rich but today they can be a sensible option for couples who start with a house or savings that were built up before the relationship began.

For couples who live together without getting married it is even more important to take proper advice and protect both parties. I have dealt with cases in which people who were together for 20 years discover that one of them is left penniless while the other walks off with practically everything. In other cases individuals who paid almost the entire deposit for a new property lost half of their investment. This can be avoided by taking proper advice at an early stage.

It may not be romantic but it is sensible and it can save a lot of time, heartache and money further down the line.

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